Bootstrap Library

TokenScript's bootstrap library is a TokenScript Engine that can be embeded in a web page

Ideally, when the user uses a browser that supports TokenScript, the website can use TokenScrpit features such as Card and Token Negotiation. This allows a website to use tokens without having to write code to do low level access to the blockchain, like calling smart contracts or getting update of new blocks.

If the user's browser is connected to the blockchain, but doesn't support TokenScript natively, Bootstrap Library, a JavaScript library, can be included in the web page to provide TokenScript functionalities.

If it detects a user-agent already support TokenScript, the token functionalities will be carried out with the browser support.

Coverage and limitation of Bootstrap Library

Bootstrap Library provides support most TokenScript functions, like Card, Attestation and Token Negotiation. However, it can't replace the TokenScript support in the user-agents, because it is deployed on the website as JavaScript library, it can't fully support the tokenscript features T.I.P.S.. For example, if an ActionCard produces a zero-knowledge proof, the knowledge would be leaked to the website as the website can access the runtime memory, therefore doing away the Privacy feature (P in T.I.P.S..)