TokenScript Namespace and versioning

Current TokenScript namespace

TokenScript's namespace is, at the moment, the literal string:
Since the technology is still in its early days, we haven't formalised a versioning method but it's likely the next version will be using the following literal string:


TokenScript is not a standardised technology. It is proposed to be standardised and we hope it will be standardised by one of the standardisation bodies like OASIS. Before it is standardised, there is no version number and we simply refer to the namespace for versioning. For example, instead of saying "currently TokenScript is in version 0.5", we say "the current TokenScript uses the 2020-Jun schema".

Since TokenScript is not yet a standardised technology, the current implementations are not required and may or may not support TokenScript defined in an older schema. That is, TokenScript developers need to closely follow the development to make sure their TokenScript is compatible with the latest software.

For this reason we recommend TokenScript authors to submit their TokenScript in a centralised repository on github. It streamlines delivery to mobile phones, also, allowing us to find out which TokenScript needs to be updated and inform the corrisponding party. The use of this centralised repository will be marginalised when TokenScript is standardised in terms of distribution metehod.

Namespace of blockchain-specific elements

Elements that defines an operatio in a specific blockchain are under the namespace of that specific blockchain. For example, Ethereum operations are under this namespace (this might change as we go through a standardisation process in the coming years)
For simplicity, that namespace is always associated with ethereum prefix by the XML root element, such as:
<ts:token xmlns:ts=""